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Air Sanitisation for all environments

The quality of one’s surrounding environment has always been a priority for businesses, restaurants, public houses, schools, in fact anywhere where people congregate, but never more so than in these unprecedented times of Covid 19.

The air sanitisation solutions offered by Aura Air Conditioning ensure enclosed environments are able to be cleansed, sanitised and purified safely and effectively whilst promoting healthier atmospheres in which to work, rest or play.  Through the elimination of bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants, pollens and odours our various air sanitisation and purification systems not only enhance the environment providing healthier atmospheres, but also surfaces stay cleaner for longer.  With both installed and freestanding mobile applications available Aura has the air sanitisation and purification solution to fit even the most demanding situations.

The leading technologies for the safe sanitisation and purification of enclosed environments are ultraviolet light and non-thermal plasma and the good news is that both of these solutions are offered by Aura.

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