Air Conditioning Nottingham


Air Conditioning in Nottingham

A family-run air conditioning business, Aura AC’s work in Nottingham is carried out at offices, showrooms, clinics, hospitals, and schools to the highest standards with an on-time and on-budget finish.

Our wide range of heating, cooling and ventilation kits includes air conditioning units and systems, refrigeration, air handling units, heat recovery ventilation, and air or ground source heat pumps for any property.

We know that price and value are important and provide you with competitive prices for high-quality workmanship. As accredited air conditioning contractors for manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, LG, Fujitsu, Daikin, and Panasonic AC equipment we also provide competitive quotes to meet your needs.

Why air conditioning?

Air conditioning is sometimes demonised for how it has replaced ‘fresh’ air in our home and working environment, but one aspect detractors maybe fail to realise or admit is that air pollution levels – particularly in urban areas – mean there’s nothing very fresh about the air around us.

Air Conditioning Nottingham

When installed and maintained correctly, air conditioning is very effective at filtering microorganisms, soot, dust, and other small particles from the air, while reducing exposure to allergens such as pollen, mould, and animal dander.

Air conditioning also maintains the temperature and humidity of the air at consistent levels that promote mental alertness and physical comfort at all times of the year and regardless of extreme weather.

Ongoing support for HVAC systems

The importance of regular maintenance for both air conditioning and commercial heating appliances cannot be overstated which is why we offer bronze, silver, gold and platinum plan options.

In these days when the importance of staff and visitor comfort is better understood as a morale-boosting plus, you can’t afford to have breakdowns. We understand perfectly the level of investment you have put into your climate control equipment, so we believe it should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers and industry guidelines and we’ll look after it as if we owned it.

Optimum performance from boilers, warm air, and radiant tube heaters, ductless and ducted air conditioning units, hot water systems and air handling units will all ensure energy efficiencies to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Ensuring that you follow all the regulations can be a daunting task. 

Our experienced HVAC engineers are professional and friendly and carry out from a single wall-mounted ACU to a big commercial system install at a shopping centre or the office block project at Norman House in Derby here.

We are a REFCOM certified air conditioning contractors Nottingham and are also CHAS accredited, Aura AC are well known in the HVAC trade for working around our clients to meet deadlines and minimise disruption and mess.

Aura AC works on HVAC repair or fitting projects around the M1 corridor, Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands and UK-wide.

Our in-house design team at our offices nearby are very experienced at optimising layouts and designs so the longer-term HVAC maintenance Nottingham needs are easier to meet in the future, thus delivering true through-life HVAC assets value.

Contact us for all your air conditioning and HVAC servicing and maintenance requirements in the Nottingham area!

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