HVAC for Healthcare


Air conditioning requirements for healthcare are different than for any other sector, and at Aura Air Conditioning we offer design, installation, and maintenance services that reflect these needs.

The optimum temperature and humidity of air can vary from one hospital department to another as part of care, therapeutic and healing processes.

Regularly replacing interior air with fresh, filtered air can promote wellness, help reduce airborne infections and prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

With healthcare staff often working long hours and under pressure, a good quality air supply will provide a more comfortable working environment, maintain mental alertness and promote better, safer performance.

In the residential healthcare sector, good air circulation, filtration, and temperature/humidity regulation reduce infection risk, remove bad odours and create a more comfortable living environment for residents and better working conditions for carers.

Our end-to-end service can be tailored to cover consultation, design, specification, collaboration with other project participants, installation, and aftersales support.

Choosing the right air conditioning for healthcare

Choosing from a wide range of air conditioning products, we can design and create the perfect system for any healthcare situation.

Packaged air conditioning systems are the most suitable for large areas such as auditoriums, lecture halls, gymnasiums and canteens, and buildings with sufficient space for ducting in ceiling voids.

Modular air conditioning systems, from a straight forward single split to a full VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) offer lower energy consumption and less intrusive installation requiring no structural changes – the perfect choice for retrofitting into existing buildings, and we also offer effective solutions for heritage properties and environmentally sensitive areas.

Heat recovery ventilation systems are another energy-efficient, environmentally friendly option, using the latent temperature of the air inside a room or building to heat or cool fresh air drawn in from outside.

Cleaning and maintenance of healthcare air conditioning systems

Inefficient or malfunctioning air conditioning can have profound consequences for healthcare providers. Blood supplies, serum samples, and some life-saving drugs can be ruined in the event of cold storage failure.

Patient outcomes can be at risk if the temperature or humidity rises or falls beyond acceptable levels in operating theatres or acute care units, and even on general wards.

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can force a hospital to temporarily close an operating theatre or ward and cancel inpatient admissions or surgical procedures while repairs are carried out.

Regular inspection and cleaning will remove accumulated dust and other particles from air conditioning units, ducts and outlets helps the system to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of developing an unhealthy air supply, while regular attention to water-cooled systems will prevent the development of legionella.

A planned maintenance programme will ensure air conditioning units continue to run at maximum efficiency resulting in lower energy costs, better air quality, less downtime, and extended system lifespan.

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