HVAC for Hospitality & Leisure


Success in hospitality and leisure probably relies on delivering excellent customer experience more than in any other sector, and except for alfresco dining and outdoor activities, much of this depends on having the right air conditioning system.

Even in contemporary restaurants, where the kitchens are visible from the tables, few diners want to share the heat, humidity, or smells of a commercial kitchen, or to have the odours of cooking follow them to the lounge area or hotel room. And whether they are relaxing at the bar or sleeping in the luxury of fine cotton, guests will appreciate fresh, filtered air at the right temperature and humidity.

Gymnasiums, fitness centres, spas, soft play areas, changing rooms, and many other leisure venues are hotbeds of exercise-induced perspiration and body odours that are both unpleasant and health-risking. An adequate flow of fresh, temperature- and humidity-regulated air can make these zones more palatable and known to help reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal contamination and infection.

For large open areas, packaged air conditioning systems can provide high volume temperature- and humidity-regulated air, but for smaller multiple rooms such as hotel bedrooms, where occupancy and guests’ requirements fluctuate, a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system provides greater versatility and energy-efficient running. VRF systems are also well suited to install in existing buildings; as they are ductless, no large spaces are needed in ceiling voids or cavity walls and no structural alterations are required.

While air conditioning can sometimes be a major contributor to utility bills, heat pumps can significantly reduce this expenditure while benefitting the environment by filtering and recirculating air within the building rather than having to heat or cool air taken from outside.

As well as advising and designing air conditioning systems for the hospitality and leisure sectors, at Aura Air Conditioning we offer an end-to-end service that covers installation, servicing, inspection, maintenance, and cleaning to keep your system operating at maximum energy efficiency, prolong its service life and ensure your guests remain comfortable, safe and healthy without the risks of an unhealthy air supply or the occurrence of legionella in water-cooled systems. You can also have the peace of mind that any air conditioning system designed and installed or maintained and approved by Aura Air Conditioning will comply with standards and satisfy regulatory inspections.

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