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Great strides have been made in office design and fit-out, creating environments that optimise productivity by recognising the benefits of psychological wellbeing and physical health in the workplace. Posture, lighting, and choice of workstation all play their part, but one equally important factor is often so inconspicuous and quiet that it scarcely gets a mention – air conditioning.

And yet a well-designed and regularly maintained air conditioning system can contribute so much to mental and physical wellbeing. Studies have shown that if temperature or humidity in an office rises or falls even to a small degree beyond optimum parameters, it can cause more than mild physical discomfort.

If the body becomes too warm or too cool, the brain will focus on correcting that temperature. Attention, memory, and general cognitive processes will be impaired and mood will change, leading to lethargy and irritability.

High and low humidity can also affect performance. Dehydration, which can be aggravated by low air humidity, will affect mood, energy, and cognitive ability long before we are aware of being dehydrated.

Filtration is another important factor that contributes to office health, removing dust, spores, pollen, and other allergens from the air as it enters or circulates within the building. These minute particles can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, even for people who don’t suffer from allergies such as hay fever.

Choosing the right air conditioning for your office

At Aura Air Conditioning we offer a wide range of air conditioning systems and can advise on the most appropriate choice for your building and office arrangement, including

  • Heat pump split systems and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems for cost-effective retrofitting without structural alterations
  • ducted or cassette systems for open plan areas
  • heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems that recycle the temperature of air indoors to indirectly heat or cool fresh air drawn from outside

Even in a large open-plan office, it is possible to create warmer and cooler zones to accommodate individual preferences, and special requirements such as additional cooling for server rooms and enhanced ventilation or filtration to prevent odours from canteen areas from migrating to other zones can also be taken into consideration.

Whether you are planning a new-build project, undergoing an office refurbishment, or replacing an outdated system, we offer end-to-end air conditioning services that cover consultation, design, specification, collaboration with other project participants, installation, and aftersales support.

Caring for your office air conditioning

Regular preventive maintenance and cleaning are essential if your air conditioning is to run at maximum efficiency, maintain a healthy working environment and provide reliable service throughout a prolonged lifespan.

Airborne particles allowed to accumulate will place strain on the system, causing overheating, premature parts wear, and even system failure. Regular inspection and cleaning will also prevent an unhealthy air supply from developing, while regular attention to water-cooled systems will protect against legionella.

Our comprehensive service and maintenance packages are designed for your peace of mind, ensuring your system will deliver on promises and expectations, comply with standards and satisfy regulatory inspections.

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