HVAC for Warehousing & Distribution


Heating and cooling large indoor areas such as warehouses and distribution centres are always going to be a challenge; with the exception of cold stores they are rarely insulated against heat and cold, they have high roofs which means the temperature variation from floor to eaves can be enormous, and large roller shutter doors mean that even with thermal curtains, heat loss can be significant.

Why do storage areas need HVAC?

Adequate air circulation and temperature control are essential for many products, even in short-term storage.

Corrugated cardboard packaging acts like a sponge to any latent humidity gained during storage and transportation and unless this is allowed to dissipate through circulation and extraction, can quickly spoil contents with damp or mould.

Excessive heat or cold can also spoil more than perishable foodstuffs; almost anything with a shelf life, from beauty products to packaging consumables will deteriorate faster unless temperatures can be maintained within reasonable limits.

A properly ventilated storage facility will also reduce health, environmental, and safety risks. Chemicals released from leaking products as a result of damage, spillage, or overheating may ignite, explode, or cause injury through inhalation if there is inadequate ventilation.

How HVAC can work in warehousing

Ducted ventilation systems can direct warmer air from the top of a warehouse to floor level, saving on heating costs and ensuring regular air circulation.

If a warehouse air conditioning system relies on fresh air being drawn from outside, a heat pump ventilation system will harvest the temperature from used air inside the building (if it’s warmer or cooler than outdoors) and use it to indirectly heat or cool the incoming fresh air as a very energy-efficient, environmentally solution.

Keep your HVAC operational

As warehouses and distribution centres are notorious for collecting dust and other airborne particles, it is important to keep an HVAC system clean and in good running order. Accumulated dust will impair air quality, place additional strain on moving parts and cause overheating, leading to breakdowns and eventual system failure.

At Aura Air Conditioning we offer an end-to-end service for warehousing and distribution centre HVAC systems, covering regular preventive maintenance, inspection, servicing, and repair. With one of our service and maintenance packages, you can have peace of mind that we will keep your system running 24/7.

We also advise, design, supply, and install HVAC systems for warehouses and distribution centres and can work around your schedules to minimise or prevent downtime.

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