HVAC for Industry & Manufacturing


Many manufacturing and industrial processes need ventilation or air conditioning systems, either to create the right ambient conditions for the process or to extract and filter the air from it.

For industries such as printing and electronics, too low humidity can lead to the accumulation and discharge of static electricity which can create problems with the process or cause expensive damage to sensitive components.

Industries such as pharmaceutical, surgical, aerospace, and optics often operate in cleanroom environments, where the level of air purity must be extremely high.

Heavier industries such as welding, fabrication, and chemical processing require high-volume air extraction to expel air contaminated with particles, fumes, or gases, and suitable filtration equipment to remove these pollutants from the air.

Aura Air Conditioning design and install air conditioning systems for a wide scope of industries and are fully conversant with all health and safety and environmental regulations relating to fresh air supply and extraction.

Choosing the right air conditioning for your process

No single air conditioning system design is capable of resolving every industrial and manufacturing requirement, but Aura Air Conditioning will know the right one for you.

For industrial applications, packaged air conditioning systems are frequently the most popular as they can shift large volumes of air and can be easily installed in industrial premises.

For optimum energy efficiency, heat pump systems harvest the warmth from used air and use it to indirectly heat fresh incoming air.

Where individual areas need to be served, wall-mounted split systems can be a more cost-effective option.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems use external heat pumps to supply multiple indoor FCUs (Fan Coil Units) providing heat or cool air inside the building, with each unit having separately adjustable temperature and airflow.

Keeping production going with regular maintenance and cleaning

An air conditioning unit that is regularly cleaned and serviced will run at maximum efficiency, be in less danger of developing faults, overheating, or failing, and return a longer service life. it will also ensure delivered and expelled air meets process requirements and satisfy mandatory regulations.

As part of our end-to-end HVAC service, we offer technical support, inspection, servicing, and maintenance packages to ensure your system continues to deliver peak performance and pass regulatory inspections.

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