Our range of wall-mounted air conditioning units are for the commercial sector in a wide range of medical surgeries, vet practices, shops, eating places, offices, car showrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, and many more UK venues.

As leading HVAC contractors, Aura Air Conditioning are leading players in optimal design and planning of installing wall AC units in the right place for maximum effect – both cooling and heating – and to minimise disruption and make it all look good for you.

Examples of recent projects we have completed include Baylis & Harding head office, De Vere Latimer Estates, and in the past at the University of Oxford.

A good example of this kind of rugged wall-mounted AC unit that we fit all over the UK is the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP comprising an indoor unit and outdoor unit to give you many years of reliable service.

You can see the features of this professional air conditioning unit in this brief video here.


You can download the brochure and technical specification sheet of this air conditioning unit here.

Do you have real challenges with air quality at your workplace, studio, or school? While our wall-mounted units are very popular there are many other options like cassette or ducted systems and we also specialise in incorporating heat pumps and other eco-friendly and sustainable equipment.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit UK

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